Who are we and what are we doing?

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts determined to bring on the market the best trading platform.

We have a vast experience in trading and software development. The primary action of Meme Club is putting resources into digital currency markets.

Our teams main goal is to make digital currency speculations across the current market conditions. Taking advantage of market moves and profiting successfully on a regular basis.

How it works?

Meme Club is the proprietary owner of its robotized trading software that produces the majority of its positions automatically, which limits the human impact. Nonetheless, there are techniques that include manual control for the trading system.

Our Trading Robots brings stable results even in a bear market.

Our Senior Futures trader has huge experience across BTCUSDT Leverage trading and will bring a healthy return to the business.


A few words from Patrick Meier, our CEO

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Meme Club Limited

Patrick Meier created Meme Club Limited company on May 8th, 2022

Company Number:


$MEME Cryptocurrency

As we are looking to diversify across the cryptocurrency investment world as much as possible for security and reduce risk. We will be launching Meme Club across the ETH & BSC space.

How this will benefit you ?

This will have a huge impact as we will look to market and launch each token launch / bridge throughout various means. Along with highly viewed listing sites such as CoinMarketCap, Coingecko along with listing on Decentralised exchanges which will increase our businesses reach. You as an original investor should you choose to peruse along our career path with have first chances at private sales / pre sales.


How to find us in London!

cert-map25 Churchill Place, London E14 5RE , United Kingdom
our team
- CEO and Founder of Meme Club
- Successful multinational businessman
- Experience includes cryptocurrency, blockchain, investments, trading
- Crypto and Marketing business prospects
Patrick Meier
Communication Managerhome-arrow
- Our English Head of communications
- Developing and providing communication strategies to increase awareness,
support, influence and involvement in Meme Club
James Morris
Senior Traderhome-arrow
- BTC Futures / Forex Trader
- Cryptocurrency developer & investor
- Analyst & Marketeer
- Blockchain enthusiast (BSC / ETH network)
Jonathan Haller
- Analyst, developer, and coder of memeclub.io
- MIAGE Master’s degree specializing in coding and finance
- After finalizing his studies, he moved from Paris to England and started working straight into Multi-Level Marketing
Sam Lopez
- Chief Technical Officer responsible for managing the technological requirements of Meme Club
- Master degree in Computer Science and IT
- Marketing, Sales, Communications
Francisco Sanchez
- Chief Operating Officer tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Meme Club
- Has worked hand in hand over the past 5 years with our CEO Patrick Meier
Mateo Kelemendi